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Candy Day

Candy Day is the premiere fundraiser for the Lions of Illinois Foundation, which provides services & programs to the hearing & visually impaired in Illinois. Through these donations our LIF & your local club are able to serve over 18,000 men, women, & children each year.

Fall Displays

The North Aurora Lions are selling the Fall display as seen in the picture for $45.00 and we will be delivering October 8-10.

For additional $10.00 we will pick up the weekend following Thanksgiving.

North Aurora Days

North Aurora Lions and North Aurora Mothers Club co-host the Beer Tent at the annual North Aurora Days celebration which takes place during the first weekend of August.

Awards Night

Annual Dinner to award NA Policeman and NA Fireman of the year.  North Auroran and NA Lion of the Year are also honored each year.

Mid America Canoe Race

North Aurora Lions hand out water and assist with canoe transfer at the portage.

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