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Fall Decorative Display

***PLEASE NOTE: Fall Displays are limited to North Aurora, West Aurora, and Heritage West addresses only!***

Through October 2th, we will be taking orders for these tasteful Fall Displays. 
Each display set includes a hay bale, two pumpkins, a corn stalk bundle, Indian corn and gourds.  Each display costs $45.00.  Delivery is included in the $45.00 purchase price.  The displays will be arriving at your door between October 6-8th

For an additional $10.00, the North Aurora Lions Club will pick up and recycle the display during the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Ordering online is easy!  Just click the Lions Club Fall Display below and Add to Cart.  If you would also like the Lions Club to pick up and recycle the display after Thanksgiving for an additional $10, you will also need to click the Fall Display Pickup option below and also add it to your cart.

Thank you for supporting the North Aurora Lions Club!!
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